James Hannon IV

James Hannon is not your typical realtor…he’s an Air Force veteran with experience working on and securing our nation’s nuclear assets, he has degrees in Chemistry, Education, and Horticulture, and many years of experience in residential construction and restoration.  His motto as a realtor is “If you want someone who will tell you what you want to hear, I have plenty of agents to refer you to, but if you want someone who will tell you what they believe you should hear, I’m your man.” 

James is able to use his various experiences to really help clients find the perfect home solution to fit their budget.  His background in construction and restoration allows him to quickly assess a home, its’ value, potential for improvements, and possible problems.  He is readily able to size up a home and determine the cost vs. benefit, or ability of the home to be modified to meet a client’s wish list, while still maintaining their budget.  James has a vested interest in providing solutions for each homeowner he works with through the selling process.

One of the top problems James oversees in the home buying or selling process is the inspection period.  Once an offer has been accepted, there is a narrow window of time, usually ten days, in which the home must be inspected, repairs or improvements estimated and those items negotiated for total sale price.  He has the resources needed to navigate that process quickly and affordably, to the benefit of his clients. 

As an example, James shares his experiences as a remodeling and restoration contractor involved in helping homeowners navigate those hectic unexpected issues that could arise prior to closing. He is well equipped to handle any home emergency when it comes to buying or selling. His goal is to help sellers and buyers reach their goals in real estate.  

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